Saturday, September 8, 2012

I just "unliked" your page - and I thought you should know why.

I'm a sucker for Facebook Business Pages. I love to see the creative and helpful ways businesses are using to engage with their online community. Some pages do it so well - but more often than not, they just don't.

Here are a few mistakes I've seen lately:

1. Asking for "likes" from your page. They already like you, why are you asking them to like you again.
2. Asking for help to get more likes over and over again. I recently saw a business page that did this every day for a week (and I unliked their page as a result)
3. Bragging - No one likes people who brag.
4. Posting too many times per day.

Here are some solutions to these challenges.
1. Ask for likes from your personal profile. Tell them what you post about and provide a link. Make it easy for people to "like" you.
2. It's ok to ask for help getting likes - but show them how, or better yet, provide good content on a regular basis and people will automatically begin to share and your numbers will grow.
3. Change the bragging around. Instead of talking about me, me, me - talk about who and how you helped. A great example of that is, "This week we helped a small business who thought they had lost all their data when their servers crashed. We were able to restore data with minimal downtime."

Are there pages that you have un-liked? What caused you to make that change?

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