Sunday, June 12, 2011

The fine line between overwhelmed and inspired

These days, I am much more selective about the events I attend. There are so many great options in the Seattle area and I tend to overdo. (I know I'm not alone on that one.)

This week, I attended two events specifically that had me feeling on that line between overwhelmed and inspired.

The first was a Social Media Club event about moms and blogging. Such fantastic information, amazing people to meet and a HUGE to do list when I left.

Friday was my weekly meeting with BizEnrich where one of the members did a presentation about SEO, a very basic presentation, but one that still left me feeling like I need to do more.

How do you deal with those feelings of just too much to do? I want to stay inspired, but hate the feeling that I just have so much more to do.

I would love to know your thoughts...

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