Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You lost me at "And I also do..."

I love networking and am out meeting people on a daily basis. I love when people speak from their passion. You can see it in their faces when the talk about business. They just light up!

I recently heard someone just like that speak about a nutritional company they are a part of. They spoke from their heart as they talked about how their product benefits them and the impact it has had on the people around them. It was a fantastic presentation and the audience was engaged.

But, all of that changed (for me) when the presenter took out a piece of paper and started reading from a list of what they also do...which included everything from cleaning products, to cell phone service, to cosmetics.

How does it make you feel when someone starts listing "what they also do?" Am I alone in feeling a little put out? I would prefer to do business with someone who does one thing and does it really well than someone who tries to do many, many things.

I would love to know your thoughts as well!

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